G GJIA® Product Warranty Policy

All G GJIA® LED products are guaranteed a limited warranty of at least 12 months and, in many cases, five years (maximum). See the details on the product's page to learn its specific warranty information. Warranty is valid only for manufacturing defects or product failures when products are correctly used for their intended applications.

If you experience an issue with a product, a technician from our support team can diagnose the problem. Technical support is available by phone, chat, and email. G GJIA® issues a Return Material Authorization (RMA) for all requests for warranty review.  To make a warranty claim, retain the failed Products and notify our support team in writing within thirty (30) days of the failure. After contacting G GJIA® and receiving an RMA number, Purchaser shall promptly return the Product after receiving instructions regarding if, when, and where to ship the Product. The Product must be returned within 10 days of receiving RMA number, and the shipping box must be clearly marked with RMA number.  Failure to follow this procedure shall void this Limited Warranty. G GJIA® reserves the right to examine all failed Product to determine the cause of failure and patterns of usage and shall be the sole judge as to whether any Product is defective and covered under this Limited Warranty.

If the product itself has quality issues, upon receiving the returned product, we can provide a full refund, and we will cover the shipping costs. If the return is initiated for reasons other than manufacturing defects, the buyer is responsible for the return shipping costs. After receiving the returned product, we will assess it and, after deducting the repair costs, refund a portion of the payment through the original payment method. For products within the warranty scope, if issues arise more than 30 days after receiving the product, the customer needs to cover the return shipping costs. However, once we receive the product, we will replace it and cover the shipping costs. This warranty is applicable exclusively to customers who make purchases through the G GJIA® official website at ggjia-led.com. For further details, please consult customer service for clarification.